Expert Declaration

We are a small Company that we believe will be right for you. We have 2 branches one in Germany and second in China, which are all open from 8.30am – 6pm every Saturday & Sunday we are off. If you go to our Contact Us page you will find contact phone numbers for all of our branches. We work with clients big and small across a range of sectors and we utilise all forms of transport to move your products in a way that’s right for you. We believe that analysis of your company and your customers is key in responding effectively to your promotional needs and we will work with you to fully understand your business to achieve the greatest.
WOLTU has a team of skilled professionals, which help our clients in processing the Custom Clearance procedures for their goods and shipments in all way. We guarantee the shortest time as compared to other service providers.

Partnerships with international companies
WOLTU is in partnership with several Logistics and Supply companies in Germany and China since its establishment. We have been working with international companies for shipment. We are ready to partner with any international logistics and freight forwarding companies, especially for shipments.
Quality Control
 We will inspect the in-line production and outgoing quality control processes;
 We can also assist in providing documentation for testing lab inspections and quality;
 We will coordinate the delivery of final artwork, approvals and final print production;
 We will coordinate assembly and packing for retail-ready shipment of goods.
Expert Declaration

Our vision: Intensifying cooperation in Germany, Expansion in Europe, View over the World.

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