Oversea Sale Distribution

At WOLTU, our mission is to empower the emerging businesses to achieve global success. First, the importance of a team. At WOLTU, WE are a team, and WE work together to deliver excellence. WE work closely with clients to help them achieve their goals. Second, we believe that businesses must now, Whether your products are headed for domestic or international distribution, WOLTU GMBH provides you with the fastest, most cost-efficient way to move your products inland to the point of sale, be it from the factory or a port, by Sea, Air or by road. As a customer you specify the final destination of the cargo and we assume responsibility for the entire value chain, using the full flexibility of our network to transport the cargo in the most optimal way.

WOLTU is one of active companies with the ability of exporting to the europen٫ asian, America and Africa...to develop marketing activities and respond to customers need in overseas markets ٫WOLTU commercial company established companies and offices in foreign countries.commercial WOLTU company to do its own duty in distribution of materials by launching sale website from the distance and having facilities of buying and selling orders acceptance is an effort to decentralization and reducing of customers
When you really want to ramp up your international sales, you need to find a good distributor in targeted overseas markets. They buy in volume and manage the sales, marketing and distribution of a product for you in an agreed upon territory.

We go where most people can't go!

Oversea sale distribution

Comprising of strategically located Warehouse/Sales offices, together with a separate dedicated export sales office and warehouse, this network enables us to supply our entire extensive range of products, Our sales staff are well trained to cater to your every requirement from the simplest of orders through to highly technical assistance for all aspects quickly and efficiently. WOLTU members are increasingly finding overseas markets and growing their exports, at least in part by taking advantage of resources and opportunities made available through WOLTU.

Our vision: Intensifying cooperation in Germany, Expansion in Europe, View over the World.

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